We come as a family to make a connection,
person to person, arm in arm.

Our Mission “We come as a family to make a connection, person to person, arm in arm and along the way to share our lives. It is our honor to improve the conditions and create opportunities for changing the cycle of poverty and disease in South Africa.”

In the fall of 2000, Rev. James Cassidy and Pat Murphy of Minneapolis, MN, with members of a small delegation made their first trip to the townships of Cape Town, South Africa to meet Rev. Spiwo Xapile from the JL Zwane Memorial Centre, a Presbyterian community.

What we do?

Giving our friends a hand-up

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Quarterly food parcels
Students received tutoring
Pounds of medical supplies
Of donations distributed

AIAIA is dedicated to changing the cycle of poverty and disease
in South Africa

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A glimpse of the work we’ve done for
our friends in South Africa

Unakho Children’s Home

FLY: Fun Learning for Youth

Hospice Care

Medical Supplies

The Rainbow School

Mother Bear

Walk About

Clothing for Children

Senior Centre

Food Distributions

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