Hope-filled Faces

February 25, 2019

Departing Cape Town early morning, we are on our way to the Eastern Cape to see family and friends in Malungeni.

We made a great new connection with a Women’s Shelter in the townships, a loving  and safe home environment for women recovering from abusive relationships and hoping to get a new start in life. I am most interested in seeing how AIAIA could assist with educational scholarships for the women looking to make a new start in life.

We loved our time with the Senior Center & Nursing Home. The elderly who lived through the worst of apartheid truly have a story of courage and strength. The sheer joy manifest at church services at JL Zwane Presbyterian Church touches the heart in every way. The birth of babies and the hope-filled faces of children reminds one of how grateful we can be for life.

Thanks for following our journey. We will overnight at Port Elizabeth to the sounds of the waves on the Indian Ocean. Be well.
James Cassidy, President AIAIA 

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We look forward to hearing when you return home how your group were helping the wonderful people in Africa. The countryside is so beautiful along with the photos of the beautiful African people.

Wishing everyone continued success & blessings as you continue your journey. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of people and the ocean. Take care everyone.